Sony PlayStation 4 Repair Service Walliswood

Your favourite PlayStation 4 gaming console has ended up defective or not working at its maximum capacity? it can be annoying for you that your PS4 has developed a fault as there is nothing to be worried about, PS4 Repair Service Walliswood can bring your PS4 to working state and restore it to its Default state for maximum output so you can start playing your Favourite games.


Sony PS4 owners experiencing problems

  • Console Turning Off 41%
  • No Audio / Video 25%
  • PS4 Freezing 22%
  • Disc Drive Problems 11%
  • Other Technical Issues 10%

Sony PS4 Repair Service Walliswood

Sony Playstation 4 can go faulty due to various faults and not all can be listed on our online store and can only be detemined after diagnosis at our repair centre for sony ps4, Get in contact with us for repairing your faulty ps4 and our representative will try help you over the phone or via E-Mail for customers in Walliswood. Most common faults are listed below.

PS4 Blue Light of Death BLOD

Sony Playstation 4 can suffer from BLOD (Blue Light of Death) due to over heating or poor ventilation due to dust, we can fix PS4 Blod within 24 to 48 hours. Sypmtoms can be PS4 emitting a pulsing/flashing blue light and won’t output video

PS4 Freezing while Playing Games

Sony Playstation 4 screen can freeze while playing games or on menu or while installing apps which is caused by CPU / GPU failure, we have successfully fixed ps4’s with lots of positive feedback from our customers in Walliswood.

PS4 No Display or Blank Screen

PlayStation 4 can suffer from no display fault due to various reasons which can lead to no display and it can be caused by GPU or HDD (Hard Drive) Failure, which can be replaced our technicians.

PS4 No Power or Powering ON

PlayStation 4 can suffer from power failure due to faulty power supply or logic board failure.

PS4 Broken HDMI Port

With Playstation 4 we had lots of complaints regarding hdmi ports breaking due to physical damage or ps4 falling from your table while hdmi cable was plugged in and ending up with Hdmi physical damage.

Blue-ray Disc drive not reading game disc

PS4 can stop reading game disc’s due to laser failure which can easily be replaced by our expert technicians.

PS4 not updating or stuck on software update

Playstation 4 updates can fail due to various factors which can because of poor internet connection, faulty hard drive or dirty game disc. if your having update or software issues then get in contact with our technical repair team to get it fixed.

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Q. Is it possible to get my PS4 fixed from Walliswood when it has no display?

A. Yes, we do collect game console from customers home in Walliswood and deliver.

Q. My PS4 freezes so will it be economical to get it fixed?

A. Yes we try our best to carry out economical repair so it stays cheaper the buying a new console.

Q. Will i get charged for diagnosis of my ps4?

A. No we do not charge fee for diagnosis, we only fix when customer is being notified of repair quote and is happy to get it fixed.

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