Aksys Games, Arc System Works and Vinyl Labs teamed up to drop wiped out beats with its new cadenced battle amusement, Radiohammer. You play as well known plate racers utilizing the forces of adoration and music to lay the beat down on some awful folks.

So as to keep the world safe, you’ll have to time your assaults amid fight. There’s two or three characters to browse in Radiohammer; July Ann, MC Wayne and Simply Lita. There’s likewise an uncommon visitor to pick, Celia from Chaos Code, another of Arc System Works’ titles. These DJ legends bash a wide range of foes from zombies to outsiders and deviants to enormous supervisors, they’ll shred every one of them.

There are a couple of diverse modes to play in Radiohammer. Head through Story Mode to take in more about every character or hit up Track Play Mode to test your aptitudes finishing certain missions. In the event that you crave tackling a genuine test there’s Otherworld Mode which accelerates the whole amusement which has everything incident much snappier and with more force.

The music is a key player, through every level and will keep you bouncing and jiving. Radiohammer is accessible now on the Nintendo 3DS eshop for $5.99. Look at a couple screenshots and get down to funk up everything with your sledge.