This is my method to clean inside the PS4 without totally pulling out parts of the PS4. Ever run games on the PS4 for only like a min or so latter the PS4 fan is running very loud to the point it is unbearable? Was it at one time running fine then on some if not all games the PS4 fan get very loud? Well, you might have to clean the fan to prevent the fan spinning very fast. This video will show you the easiest and less complicated way on how to do so.

NOTE-This method will void your PS4 warranty! Try this if your PS4 warranty has expired/you don’t care or PlayStation Support cant help you under warranty. Try at your own risk! Tho this worked for me and hope it does the same for you.

You will need (the minimum)
-Torx screwdriver (T9)
-Compressed Air Can
-Cleaning Rag
(Vacuum can work as well if you don’t have a Air Can BUT some vacuum cleaners can be dangerous as it may create a static charge and harm the PS4)