Freezing or lagging is an inevitable issue in most electronic devices and daily use gadgets. Freezing of a device should not be taken as a very serious issue, it occurs due to various reasons. However, over 20% PlayStation 4 users reported that their console freezes at inopportune times, causing time and data loss. According to the reports, this problem occurs specifically when users are trying to update their console via PlayStation Network and using it to play video game content.

Console freezing problem is one of the more manageable PlayStation 4 issues and it can be solved easily at home. To get rid of this annoying issue, users can try the following suggested steps.

  • Download any software or firmware updates via the PlayStation Network, which can be accessed from your console’s home screen.
  • If your console is freezing while accessing the PlayStation Network to download any updates, visit the Sony Support site and download the updates to your computer there, then transfer them via a USB connection that plugs directly into your console.
  • Reset your PlayStation 4 by turning it off for two minutes, unplugging all of the cords associated with the device, and then plugging it back in.
  • Put the system in a more open area with proper ventilation, place a fan next to the system in order to reduce heat, and ensure that the internal fan is running properly—you should hear it while the console is running. If your console is overheating, make sure to let it rest for at least two hours before trying to boot it up again.
  • Contact Sony customer service and discuss the issues with them.