Koei Tecmo said through Facebook that it won’t be acquiring its up and coming darlings swimsuits volleyball game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 toward the West, refering to late issues with respect to the treatment of ladies in the recreations business.

A fan asked regardless of whether the organization wanted to convey Xtreme 3 to US and EU regions, to which a Koei Tecmo agent said, “We don’t convey DOAX3 toward the west and won’t have any arrangement change later on. Much obliged to you for inquiring.” The fan held on, requesting the purpose for the choice, and the agent gave this reaction:

Do you know numerous issues happening in computer game industry concerning how to treat female in computer game industry? We would prefer not to talk those things here. Be that as it may, surely we have experienced in a year ago or two to go to our choice. Much obliged to you.

It’s difficult to point the finger at Koei Tecmo for dreading the media’s reaction. The glittering twist off has gotten fire for being basically softcore erotica for whatever length of time that it’s been around. The past passage, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, turned out in 2006 and the world has turned out to be determinedly more cognizant to issues that ladies in the recreations business and past face each day, so it’s anything but difficult to envision that a diversion like Xtreme 3 most likely wouldn’t charge too well.

Still, on the off chance that you completely require your fix of swimming outfit slips and common tan lines, following the PlayStation 4 and Vita aren’t district bolted, you can simply import the amusement when it discharges in Japan on February 25, 2016.