Huawei Repair Service

Huawei manufactures powerful & reliable mobile phones at a reasonable price compared to other giant mobile phone manufacturers. if you own a Huawei mobile and its screen cracked by accident then it can be difficult to have it fixed at your local repair shop due to lack of stock, offers economical Huawei screen repair service at high standards carried out by expert technicians using the right equipment.


Common Huawei Mobile Phone Fault’s

  • Huawei Cracked LCD Screen 99%
  • Huawei Touch Screen Faults 82%
  • Huawei Phone Not Charging 60%
  • Faulty Huawei Battery 55%
  • Other Technical Issues 12%

Huawei Repair Service

Huawei mobile phone repairs can be difficult due to availability of parts and skills required to repair, Not every street shop offers repair services for Huawei Phones. At,uk you can have Huawei Phone or Tablet fixed using right tools & equipment by professionals and for peace of mind we do offer twelve months of warranty for all screen repairs performed on huawei phones.

Huawei P Series – Huawei Honor – Huawei Mate – Huawei Ascend – Huawei Y Series – Huawei G Series – Huawei MediaPad

Huawei Screen Repair Service

Cracked LCD Screen on Huawei Phone or Tablet then is the right choice to get it fixed as we use high quality Huawei LCD Screens / Glass using professional equipment to carry out Glass replacements.

Huawei Broken Charging Port Replacement

Charging ports ( Mini USB ) can be damaged on android phone if the charger is not plugged in correctly or accidentally dropping your Huawei phone or tablet while charging.

Huawei Battery Replacement

Battery’s in Huawei mobile phones are not user replaceable, if your Huawei Phone doesn’t hold charge and drains battery quickly then its time for the battery replacement.

Huawei Liquid Damage

Spilled liquid on your favourite huawei handset? we recommend switching off the phone or removing the battery in such a situation as it can dangerous for user and the phone, we recommend getting professional help in this scenario. We do offer liquid damage treatment service for Huawei mobile phones.

Huawei Factory Restore & Software upgrades

Boot-loader on most Huawei phones are locked which prevents phone for getting latest android updates or flashing custom roms, for unlocking boot-loader on huawai hand set click HERE , We do not Offer Software flashing services for huawei mobile phones.

What Huawei Phone’s we Fix?

We offer repair services for almost all Huawei mobile phone models and if your model is not listed us the get in contact for free repair quote.

Other Technical issues

We do offer Power Button Replacement, WiFi Replacement, Microphone Replacement, Speaker, Volume button Replacement and broken batter or display connector repairs services other screen replacements for not only Huawei Mobile Phones but Huawei Tablets.

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Q. Touch on my Huawei Phone is not working after i dropped it?

A. Glass Replacement is the only solution to get it working again.

Q. Battery drains on my Huawei handset and becomes very hot?

A. A battery replacement can solve drainage and over heat problem due to damaged cells in battery.

Q. i can’t find local Huawei repair store?

A. If local Huawei Repair store is not listed with us then we don’t have a local store, There are number of ways you can get it fixed with us (1) Locate nearest store (2) Post your device via Mail (3) Book a repair with our sales team so they can arrange a collection from your Home or Office.

Huawei Screen Repair Tutorials

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