The forthcoming PlayStation 4 form of Koei Tecmo’s most recent darling volleyball test system, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, will have restrictive swimming outfit slips and common tan lines.

The amusement is split into two forms, Fortune for the PS4 and Venus for the Vita, and Koei Tecmo has uncovered that Fortune is most likely the one you’re going to need to get. The diversion, which highlights swimming outfit clad ladies playing volleyball and other water sports while challenging with progressively uncomfortable close-ups, will include swimsuit “breakdowns” in the Fortune form. After specific exercises, one of the ladies’ swimsuits can unfasten or slip strange, uncovering more skin and flaunting her tan lines.

In the event that that seems like your sort of thing, perhaps you ought to get both forms: Venus for when you’re on the go and after all other options have been exhausted for your angel volleyball fix, and Fortune for when you need to kick back at home, light a couple candles and make a night of it.

In any condition Xtreme 3: Fortune for PS4 and Venus for Vita will be discharged in Japan on February 25, 2016.